Transform rather than destroy

SecAnim ensures the sanitary and environmental safety of the territories and populations by collecting dead animals to produce: biodiesel, fuel, natural agricultural fertilizer and water.

A true public utility mission, this service aims to transform the collected materials rather than destroy them.

In the service of the biosecurity of the farms

To ensure a service in compliance with the sanitary requirements, SecAnim applies strict procedures of collection and accompanies the breeders in the setting in conformity of their zone of collection in order to ensure the safety of the teams as well as of the farms.

Every day, the material exposed to animal matter is transported to our facilities, where a complete decontamination is carried out in strict compliance with the applicable European directives.

A locally invested partner

By ensuring the environmental safety of the territories every day, SecAnim positions itself as a partner of the breeders.

In order to meet the needs of its numerous customers and to respect the regulatory requirements, SecAnim benefits from an optimized geographical location and relies on a fleet of several hundred trucks, 24 collection centers and 3 processing sites. SecAnim ensures the collection of the farms in about forty French departments. Learn more about SecAnim.