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Green energy, innovation and sustainability

From the co-products and bio-waste collected and transformed, we produce sustainable resources, alternatives to the most polluting energy sources. Through our mission, we contribute to developing a greener industry in France and are committed to our partners. By giving value back to materials that could have been destroyed, we contribute to preserving the planet and give back to the earth what it has given us.

Electricity, heat

Our factories are equipped with generators that produce energy to supply our own sites, neighboring communities or the national grid. Self-sufficiency is our goal.


The collection of animal fats and used edible oils has given rise to the first advanced biofuel plant in France. This production unit based in Le Havre is a way to economically valorize the French meat industry.


During the processing of materials in our plants, the aqueous bodies are separated from the solid matter. This recovered water is treated to be reused in our facilities or returned to nature.