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Our Code of Conduct

As a global company, the SARIA Group strives to enrich its relationships with customers, business partners and public authorities. These activities are conducted in a strictly ethical manner and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Our code of conduct is a frame of reference that is respected by every employee. This comprehensive code covers all relevant issues, for example, our group’s behavior in the marketplace and in its dealings with public authorities.

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Our Supplier Code of Conduct

As a major player in the circular economy, the SARIA Group is committed to placing social, economic and environmental responsibility at the heart of its corporate governance. We work together with our suppliers and ask them to participate to enable us to implement an integrated approach throughout the supply chain.

Our core principles, which we consider essential, are enshrined in this Supplier Code of Conduct. We expect our suppliers to act in the same spirit as we do. This agreement governs all deliveries and services and forms part of our evaluation and selection process. Our suppliers and contractors are committed to the principles, criteria and standards set forth in this Supplier Code of Conduct.

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