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Are you aware that not everything that is left over in society needs to be wasted?

We at SARIA see the value that lies in unused organic materials and we commit ourselves to a circular business model. This is what drives us as one group to do what wedo every day. To make use of organic materials in a way that’s sustainable and creates value for our partnersand the environment our subsidiaries.

Three divisions, one group, one mutual goal: Together towards a sustainable world and healthier living.

Your needs. Our Mission.

High-quality processes and standards enable us to meet our customers’ individual needs.

Trusted and preferred partner.

Transparency, reliability, and professional expertise characterize all our activities.

Integrity is non dispensable.

We comply with legal and ethical standards and are committed to corporate social responsibility.

Economic responsibility.

We foster the sustainable development of our partners and our own business by permanently striving for greater efficiency and competitiveness.

Brands in the service of a circular economy

The SARIA Group is committed to a greener industry.

To meet this ambition, all our brands and subsidiaries are working to create seamless local recovery chains, from collection to processing of materials. Through our industrial processes, we offer our customers and users the assurance of quality production and more than total elimination of all potential organic risk materials.

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SARVAL offers a full-service portfolio, with services ranging from the collection of animal raw materials in the meat-processing industry, cutting plants and butcheries to hygienic, high-quality recycling. The specific characteristics of the fats and meals produced by SARVAL are carefully tailored to customer requirements: meals for use in the pet food sector feature a high protein content, while meals used for fertiliser in agriculture have a high nitrogen and phosphate content. The fats produced are an important raw material for many industrial applications.


Bioceval collects and valorizes fish by-products from the fishing industry (bones, heads, tails…) from auctions and fish merchants in the North-West of France and from aquaculture. The proteins and fish oils produced are rich in essential amino acids, certain fatty acids and minerals and meet the needs of nutritional components of feed manufacturers for aquaculture. The valorization of fish co-products constitutes a sustainable alternative to industrial fishing.

Kervalis collects and valorizes poultry by-products from cutting plants and slaughterhouses in the West of France to transform them, after dehydration, into TAP (Transformed Animal Proteins) and fat for the Petfood industry. These products are exported all over the world and are recognized for their Premium quality which meets the highest market requirements.

Committed to bio-security in the heart of territories, SecAnim collects dead animals and disposes of potential risk materials from the meat industry. SecAnim operates in complete safety and treats these materials in accordance with current requirements and high hygiene standards. The resources resulting from the processing are used as fuel. The animal fats are used as raw material for the production of biodiesel. Finally, the water resulting from the process, after treatment, returns to nature.

In food production industries, restaurants, hotels or retail stores, food waste, unusable food and used frying oils accumulate. Called “bio-waste”, these organic materials need to be disposed of and can be given a second life. ReFood collects it on site and extracts sustainable energy from its organic mass: electricity, gas, heat, preliminary products for biodiesel and even organic agricultural fertilizer.

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