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Social responsibility

Promoting the profession is a key success enabler

Our sites face the challenge of fitting harmoniously into their local environment, not just from an ecological point of view but socially and economically as well. SARIA Industries Open Days (the 15th one was held in September 2008 at the Bioceval plant in Concarneau) are intended to promote better local understanding and awareness of our profession. To foster good local relationships, some plants have also set up Local Information and Monitoring Units, which hold meetings with local stakeholders.




Safety is everybody's business!

SARIA Industries has implemented a comprehensive policy to ensure the safety of its teams when they are on the road or collecting fallen stock from farms. Cutting the number of on-the-job accidents is a top priority and Saria is working closely with a number of partners, including UGPVB (Brittany Meat Producers Association), MSA (social security agency for agricultural workers) and insurance company Groupama to improve farm collection conditions. As part of this initiative, an information brochure has been published and a dedicated website launched for livestock farmers.

The brochure is distributed to Brittany farmers by their industry association and can also be downloaded here:  www.securite-collecte.fr



Expert odour control solutions

The naturally decomposing raw materials collected for processing by SARIA Industries generate unpleasant odours. Our sites are equipped with state-of-the-art systems to minimize odour emissions for the neighbouring community. The malodorous gases are captured at source and processed using chemical washers/scrubbers and biofilters. In addition, some of the hot gases are liquefied using air-cooled condensers to allow them to be integrated into the wastewater treatment process.
The solutions implemented by SARIA Industries at its plants ensure that up to 99% of odours are effectively eliminated (olfactometric survey by French Radiological Protection & Nuclear Safety agency ISRN, March 2008).

odour control flowchart



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