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SARIA Industries' core activity consists in drying raw materials in order to stabilise them using state-of-the-art industrial plant. Since these raw materials are made up of 65% water, our sites ineluctably generate large volumes of water (in liquid or gas form).

Lowering the financial and ecological costs of the energy

Animal fats extracted at SARIA Industries rendering plants are converted into biofuel for use as an alternative source of energy for other Group sites. Because it produces no greenhouse gases, this biofuel has enabled us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and at the same time cut our fossil-fuel energy requirements.


End-to-end wastewater treatment

85% of SARIA Industries’ plants are equipped with wastewater treatment facilities. In France, the Group has a treatment capacity equivalent to 400,000 inhabitants.


Find solutions

Our Guer plant in Brittany is the only one in the Group not to use a water treatment facility. All wastewater from the plant's industrial processes is thermally oxidized and returned to the natural environment as steam.


Reduce water consumption

By upgrading plant and tracking potential sources of savings, a number of our sites have significantly cut down on water costs. The Concarneau site in Brittany slashed the half of its consumption off by adopting a raft of proactive measures:

-       optimization of steam condensate recovery circuit and reducing line losses

-       improving cooling tower efficiency

-       installing medium to high-pressure washdown stations 

-       recycling water to wash the bio-filters and air scrubbers.

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