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Process industriels ou moyens de transports, SARIA industries investit chaque année pour optimiser la valorisation de la biomasse.


Rising to the waste-to-energy challenge 

The result is a fully-fledged Energy business operating in two distinct areas:

- collection and convertion of used cooking oil into biodiesel

- collection biowaste to produce thermal and electrical energy from biogas.


Operating cost-effective, eco-friendly and safe vehicle fleets

Over one-third of the SARIA Industries workforce is engaged in logistics operations, with 580 drivers for a fleet of approximately 550 vehicles. In today's world, savings are paramount and we have installed systems allowing us to optimise logistics operations by cutting collection distances and greenhouse gas emissions by 10%. Driver and road safety is just as important and a specific plan has been implemented to improve our performance here, too.



ISO 22000 : facilitating traceability
SARIA Industries' food and animal rendering businesses completed ISO 22000 assessment and certification between 2007 and 2008. ISO 22000 is a quality standard for food safety which ensures that the products leaving our plants are fully traceable. Samples are taken and stored of all product batches to enable analysis if required by the authorities.





Each of the company's vehicles is dedicated to a specific type of collection to ensure complete traceability. Above, SecAnim trucks from the Curgy transfer station collect fallen stock from farms across the surrounding area.

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