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Optimising the biomass value chain

Saria's industrial site of Issé (four plants: SARVAL Ouest, Geltran, ALVA and VALDIS)

Specialised in biomass conversion, the SARIA Bio Industries Group operates over 200 sites, in 23 countries all over the world. In 2012, the company employed 6,200 people (including 1,390 in France) and had sales of 1,5 billion euros.


SARIA Industries is part of the SARIA Bio Industries division of the Rethmann Group, a global company head-quartered in Selm, Germany, which operates in water management and recycling, logistics and the bio-industry. Rethmann employs 60 500 people at sites in 39 countries in Europe and worldwide and is the world's 4th largest provider of environmental solutions.



SARIA Industries: four areas of expertise:

  • Rendering: the destruction of animal by-products with a human or environmental health risk.
  • Food industry: recovery and processing of by-products from animals intended for human consumption to produce nutritional ingredients for human foodstuffs or animal fodder.
  • Oleochemicals: recovery and processing of animal fat into raw materials for the chemicals industry.
  • Energy: two waste-to-energy activities that recover biomass to produce fuel and electricity.



Food IndustryOléochemicalsRenderingEnergy


Nutritional ingredients
for petfood


Animal fats for the chemical industry



Collection and processing of fallen stock and high-risk animal by-products



Collection and methanisation of biowaste

Nutritional ingredients for aquaculture


Animal fats for the chemical industry
(SARVAL Sud-Est, SARVAL Ouest and SARVAL Azur)


Collection and processing of used cooking oil


Animal-fat based
raw materials




Biodiesel from animal by-products



(SARVAL Sud-Est, SARVAL Ouest and SARVAL Azur)










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